Saturday, 22 January 2011

A project

Having maintained my personal blog for some time now, with favourable feedback (and not just from my Dad, who's going to say nice things anyway) and even managed to write a couple of magazine articles I think I've got the writing bug. I want to write more, but first I have to go out and do something interesting to write about, so interesting that other people might want to read about it.

I love to read about other peoples trips to Greenland or Alaska and see pictures of kayaks dwarfed by icebergs, but I'm a realist and also a skint realist, so I have set my sight closer to home. The idea for a whacky circumnavigation was inspired by Fiona and Justine's circumnavigation of Wales. That looks like a great trip, but they did it first. I wanted to think up something different. The solution was right on my doorstep, a circumnavigation of the Lake District. A little research revealed that the upper reaches of the rivers Eden and Lune pass within a few kilometres of each other.

And thus a plan was born.