Saturday, 26 February 2011

A good start

We're all too tired after a 67km paddle to write much now. The Fusions are working out well but they are a bit short for that sort of distance! Tomorrow should be a shorter day, so please come back for more details!


  1. Well done! I love you all! XXX

  2. Good effort! Have you packed your whole expedition gear in the boats or are you using land support to shuttle your gear?

  3. By the way, are you going clockwise or anti?

  4. Good stuff KSJ!
    Interested to know what you make of the Fusions at the end of the trip as I am considering getting one as a family boat f

  5. Good effort guys.

    A small selection of today's pictures here:

    Will mail low res files shortly and all in high res on CD for when you finish.

    Good Luck!

  6. In reply to Eurion, we paddled downstream on both rivers and south to north on the sea. We carried all our gear on the Eden even though we had bank support.
    In reply to Dr Blug, I really enjoyed paddling the Fusion. It coped well with the grade 3 section of the Lune, was fast on the flat and very comfy to sit in for a long time. Plenty of space for gear too. Would recommend it.

  7. The Fusion comes in two sizes. Jim and Kate were paddling the small version but still managed to fit in their kit for an overnight trip.

    I paddled the big version. It handled well even with 18 stone of paddler and a fair bit of gear. It isn't a playboat but it felt quite good on moving water, carving nicely into eddies.

    I'm not entirely convinced by the idea of a skeg on this type of boat but have to admit that it did make things easier (if a tiny amount slower) on the long flat sections.