Thursday, 3 March 2011

North from St. Bees

An early start was needed to catch the last of the flood, although we still ended up paddling against the ebb long before we got to Allonby. The ice on the tents was even thicker in the morning and Kate's tent still had a good amount on it when it was pitched again at the end of the day.
Wind farms were a persistent feature along this section:
Wind and tide against us, plus the consideration of how far out the water is at low tide, meant that a stop short of Allonby made perfect sense. We even got a connection to the Internet to post the first version of this blog entry.

Dinner included the rather splendid sticky toffee pudding provided by Cartmel Village Shop. Heating it up in a pan with an inch of boiling water seems to work fairly well and the water can then be used to make instant custard:The sunset gave the campsite a deceptively pleasant look; the photo doesn't show the busy road that was 20 yards away!There was even enough driftwood for a fire:
We need to catch the flood again tomorrow, so the kettle will go on at 0530 for a coffee before the long trolley haul down the beach. The run up to Carlisle needs to be timed so that we hit the tidal limit of the Eden at 1230. It should be a fast paddle but it all depends on the wind.

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