Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Piel to St. Bees

Long hard slog but with the wind behind us. Landed at St. Bees just as it was getting dark. Ice on the tents within minutes of landing but a good hot meal warmed us up before getting an early night.

Last night's dinner of pork chops came from Damien, a Piel Island pig. Breakfast came from Phoebe:
There is still industry at Barrow:but also some wildlife:We had a view of the hills that not many people get to see:A rest and the last of the excellent Cumberland sausage occupied us during a forced long lunchbreak while we waited for the all clear from the Eskmeals firing range. The people at the range were very friendly and helpful, driving down to let us know when it would be safe to proceed.
The downside of the long lunch break was the distance to the water afterwards. Not only had the tide gone out a long way but we also had to go around a stretch of rocks that it had uncovered.
Our afternoon paddle took us past Sellafield:and we carried on paddling past sunset:

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