Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Salt water at last

This morning, we launched into a chilly river Lune at Lancaster. There was frost on the ground, but the blue sky gave a hint of the fantastic day to come. It wasn't long before we felt the pull of the ebb tide hastening our progress out to Morecambe Bay.

Navigation was unexpectedly tricky - a mist reduced visibility enough that the far side of the bay could not be seen for the first half of the crossing. The buoys guided us out of the Lune channel but after that it was a matter of keeping to a bearing and checking progress on the GPS.

After the cold start, our only real problem was overheating. The 37km trip became hard work as we crossed the bay; the tide was against us more than it was with us.

We found a warm welcome at Piel Island - an island with easy access where you can camp near a castle and a pub. What more can you ask for?

We're as happy as (Piel Island) pigs in mud! It's just a shame that Jim wasn't able to join us.

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